Friday, October 8, 2010

Poetry: "Autumn Colours" and "Autumn"

These are a couple of poems about autumn that I found off of the Internet.
One of them has a rather neutral perspective on autumn, and is haiku...

Autumn Colours
by Rebecca Lovatt

Leaves falling slowly
From green to red and yellow
In the autumn wi

...and the other is rather pessimistic about it, and is from the Victorian era.

by Thomas Hood

The Autumn skies are flushed with gold,
 And fair and bright the rivers run;
 These are but streams of winter cold,
 And painted mists that quench the sun.

 In secret boughs no sweet birds sing,
 In secret boughs no bird can shroud;
 These are but leaves that take to wing,
 And wintry winds that pipe so loud.

 'Tis not trees' shade, but cloudy glooms
 That on the cheerless valleys fall,
 The flowers are in their grassy tombs,
 And tears of dew are on them all.

I'm also searching for spring-themed poems, for those of you who are in the Southern Hemisphere.

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