Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dolly in the store Grimoire, in Japan

Dolly-Kei is a new style that's just emerging in Japan. It seems to be a cross between Lolita and Mori fashions, taking Lolita's doll idea and running with it, while also drawing from Mori's forest-girl, fairy tale look. However, it has a twist: instead of drawing from western European styles, it draws from eastern European styles. Dolly also goes for the Middle Ages look, as opposed to the Victorian styles which are the base for Lolita.

Although Dolly-Kei is a pretty new style (only a couple of years old, compared to Lolita, which is decades old), I was able to compose a list of Dolly clothing "rules" (but remember, the rules aren't set in stone yet):

1. Vintage, vintage, vintage! As far as I've seen, Dolly is all about vintage. Even Dolly-themed stores, like Grimoire, have said themselves that they get most, if not all, of their products from vintage stores and flea markets in the West.

2. When the going gets tough, go handmade.

3. Antique floral and paisley are the way to go.

4. Many Lolita items, especially Classic, can be Dolliable. (Did I just coin a new word?)

5. Furs are fine and lovely. (Bonus points if it's faux fur.)

6. Shoes: No sneakers, but both vintage and Mary Janes seem to be fine.

7. Tights, stockings, knee-highs, or shin-highs. Any color, as long as it looks good.

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