Sunday, October 3, 2010

October: Month of the Pink

October is the month when things either
a) start to cool down,
b) start to warm up,
depending on where you are on Earth. In some places, Halloween is just around the corner; in others, Christmas is on the way. (Well, holidays like Christmas are on the way in the north, too, but there's Halloween first.) Instead of talking about those, however, I'd like to bring up something that's going on all month, all over the world: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some people may back away/run and hide this month for fear of being bombarded with requests from various charities, but perhaps it's time to break out the pink skirts, jumper skirts, and (in the northern hemisphere) coats. A pink ribbon or bow would finish the look, I think.

Here's a Polyvore set I created for it:

But "going pink" doesn't have to mean getting out every single pink item you have and wearing them all at the same time. Maybe a skirt, or even just a tiny pink badge, would do the trick nicely. It can be bright, dusty, any kind of pink. See if you can wear something pink every day this month, or, if you don't have so many pink things, every few days. I'm not asking anybody to donate or walk (although that would be great!), but see if you can show support for our sisters by wearing pink.

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