Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oval Headdresses?

Notice: In my previous posts, I have written in a "voice" that doesn't completely suit me. From now on, I shall write in my own "voice"-- my writing style. Thus, the tone of this blog will be a bit less formalised.

Now, on this blog I have mentioned three types of Lolita headdresses: round, oval, and rectangular. This was a mistake of mine; I somehow became under the impression that "oval" was its own category.

For clarification, here are examples of each headdress:

Round headdress.
"Oval" headdress.
Rectangular headdress.

The difference between the last two may be difficult to see. The second one, from Victorian Maiden, has a distinctly round edge, whereas the third, from Baby, is more of a rectangle. The truth is, these are both rectangular headdresses; I somehow became confused a while back.

So, for those of you who were wondering what an oval headdress was, I hope this gives clarification.
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