Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to The Velveteen Lolita!

Hello, all!

This is a Lolita-themed blog-- and by "Lolita" I mean the fashion. If you already know what Lolita fashion is, feel free to skip this next paragraph. Otherwise, read on.

Lolita is a Japanese fashion based on Victorian children's clothing. It involves poofy knee-length skirts and blouses, as well as frilly dresses, as the main articles of clothing. Also included are knee-high or over-the-knee socks, dressy shoes, and various head accessories, like bows and bonnets. Don't forget the lace! Lots of lace can be found in Lolita fashion, on just about any piece of clothing or accessory that you can think of.

About This Blog
This blog is about being a Lolita. It can be easy at times, and at other times... not-so-easy. Everywhere from the small town to the big city, there will be people who adore the style and people who hate it.

This blog will include articles (as well as shorter posts) about Lolitas, as well as book and fairy tale reviews, around-the-world Lolita fashion, and (possibly) some recipes.

I hope that ladies (and gents) find this blog to be informative, perhaps shedding a different light on Lolita and the subjects that matter to us.

About Me
So, I am a Lolita. I love to go out with a blouse, skirt, (or perhaps in a dress) and petticoat. There aren't many other Lolitas in the area, so I feel it's my duty to give a good impression to other people. This means I'm very careful to avoid being an Ita, or "Ouch" Loli. At the same time, I do wear sneakers. (They're nice sneakers, though.) I also sometimes wear kerchiefs in my hair.

I'm also a lifestyle Lolita, in a sense: I embroider, sew, play the piano, sing, and participate in other lifestyle-ish activities. However, there's a catch: I don't wear Lolita every day. I would if I had enough Lolita clothes to last a week, but I don't.

This blog is a Lolita blog. Whether that means dressing up in a skirt to you or embroidering a flower, hopefully you'll find what you're looking for here.


  1. Wonderful! I love how you will be doing book reviews and such, it's a great idea. I'll be checking this often!
    I saw you were looking for international Lolitas and I hail from the land right above you :D


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